• AU HD Education offers professional tutorial services with the quality oriented and customised services for each student.

    We are specialised in offering tutorials for business students and IELTS training courses to help students achieve their academic goals. The tutorial services will be provided by current graduates and university tutors with outstanding academic achievements, and we may offer tutorial classes in following key disciplines, namely professional accounting, finance, marketing, business administration, international business, and so on. Our IELTS training courses are provided by professional and native tutors who are current IELTS examiners.

  • About us

    Australia HD Education is professional and reputable education organisation specialised in tutorial services for different business students and students taking IELTS examination for their permanent residency application. We were founded since 2008 in Hong Kong and gradually expand business to Australia in 2012. In 2017, Australia HD Education was fully acquired by Australian owned company. Australia HD Education constantly deliver outstanding services to our students and we always put students at the top priority. Students are always at the forefront of all our business decisions, because It's our mission to assist students to achieve their short and long term goals in education and English improvement.

  • Customised Tutorial Services

    The interest of the student is the only consideration of the Australia HD Education, therefore we offer customised tutorial services for students with different needs. The one-on-one VIP tutorial services may match with different learning circumstances for each student. The progressive tutorials may allow students to keep track with their coursework every week, while the pre-exam tutorials may focus on the past papers and allow students to spend the least time to pass their final exams.

    Experienced tutors

    Australia HD Education selects the most talented and skilled tutors with the best academic results and experience, so as to make sure the best tutorial services received by each student. The maximum students in each class will be around 10 students in order to maintain the quality of each tutorial class. The tutors may recognise most of the students, and students may consult with the tutors after class. Unique study and learning plans may be created for each student, in order to enhance their study efficiency and keep track of the progress of coursework in university.

    The highest pass rate

    During the last four year, the tutors in Australia HD Education have accumulated valuable tutorial experience and developed different approaches and methods to enhance study efficiency of different students. More than 95 per cent of the students have passed their exams and graduated after taking our tutorial classes.

  • Tutorial Services

    Three different types of tutorial services have been provided by Australia HD Education, which are namely one-on-one VIP tutorial services, the progressive tutorial services, and pre-exam tutorial services. Three different services aim to satisfy the needs of different students with different learning methods, so as to achieve their academic goals and therefore graduate successfully.

    Progressive tutorial services

    Australia HD Education offers progressive tutorial services for students demanding study materials in two different languages, namely Chinese and English. Therefore, students can easily learn required academic knowledge progressively through out semester by their mother language. All the provided lecture materials in Australia HD Education are written by the experienced tutors, so that students can learn the lecture materials easily within short period of time. The progressive tutorial services could be a good replacement of the lectures in university and save valuable time for students.

    Pre-exam tutorial services

    Australia HD Education offers pre-exam tutorial services with the purpose to consolidate academic knowledge of the students, addressing the focus on the final exam, prediction of the exam questions, teaching techniques for students to pass their final exams, and so on. The past papers will be major focus in the pre-exam tutorial services, and it may takes 6 to 10 hours to finish the pre-exam tutorial services in order to cover all important points in each past paper. Students may therefore obtain the best exam results within short period of time.

    One-on-One VIP tutorial services

    Australia HD Education offers One-on-One VIP tutorial services for students requiring personalised and customised learning program, in order to achieve the most effective learning experience. Flexible arrangement of time will be available for the One-on-One VIP tutorial services, and students may decide services required in the tutorials, such as discussion of quiz, assignments, doing past papers, and so on. The major features of the One-on-One VIP tutorial services are as follows.

    • Great customisation according to the needs of students
    • No prerequisite of academic knowledge, 
    • Unique lecture materials and tutorial exercises may be prepared for students by their tutors
    • Particularly suitable for students who are confused and only have minimum knowledge about lecture materials


  • IELTS Course

    Australia HD Education has experienced English tutors providing intensive writing and speaking courses for candidates planing to take IELTS tests for Australian permanent residency visa. A small group of IELTS class in Australia HD Education may maximise study efficiency and enhance English improvement.

    IELTS Listening Course

    Australia HD Education offers IELTS listening courses to analyse and summarise past IELTS papers, so as to help students adapt English conversation environment quickly. We also develop students' strategies to specialise in getting the highest score in the listening exams, improving students' vocabulary, problem solving skills in exam, and so on.

    IELTS Speaking Course

    Australia HD Education offers IETLS speaking courses to help students build confidence and accuracy, so as to improve their score quickly. The speaking training will be conducted in small classes and teach students different speaking approach. Intensive practices and instant feedback will be provided with our native tutors, so as to fix students' speaking issues. Students will learn new speaking skills with clear and natural sentence structures, and relevant vocabulary. Therefore, students may speak English with confidence, and sound like a native speaker.

    IELTS Reading Course

    sAustralia HD Education offers IELTS reading course to develop students' analysis and reading skills simultaneously, in order to perform well in all 3 sections in reading exam. Students may develop the following skills after finishing the reading course, such as general exam strategies, answer selection and analysis, specific strategies for handling different question types and so on.​

    IELTS Writing Course

    Australia HD Education offers one-to-one writing sessions allowing students to continue improving and get the writing score they want. The IELTS writing course includes full writing practices under exam time conditions, private feedback targeting students' particular problems, providing sample answer with our specific writing approach, flexible timetable, and so on. The benefits of the writing course may reduce basic writing errors quickly, and improve students' time management skills under exam conditions.

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  • Join us now

    Working in Australia HD Education is passionate, innovative and funny, while we also keen to be the best in education industry. Everyday we try all our best to help students achieve their academic goals. If you share the same value as Australia HD Education, and are preparing to contribute your talents and academic knowledge in education industry. We will be the best place for your to utilize your academic knowledge and create value in our society.

    Selection criteria:

    If you satisfy the following selection criteria, please contact and send your resume to admin@auhdeducation.com

    1. Graduated or currently studying in Australia university with academic results of D or HD on average.
    2. Obtained IELTS average score of 7 or above (For IELTS training class)
    3. Studied business degree in university
    4. Relevant working experience in industry, e.g. Accounting, Finance, etc
    5. Have a good sense of team spirit, and strong sense of responsibilities.
    6. Passion about education